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After a long journey I changed my life, “Seek and you shall find”( Proverbs). 


I love innovation, discovery and all human beings. I love being with people, they surprise me and their minds are fascinating.  However, for many years I could not devote myself to others as I would like to.. This is because I felt inadequate, disconnected and thought that something was wrong with me.  From an outsider’s perspective, it could be said I was professionally successful.  Nevertheless, I spent more than 20 years looking for answers to the traumas of the past and to the feeling of emptiness.

I tried different therapies and sought help from various professionals. In addition, I began to study different approaches to understand myself. I immersed myself in the discovery of the human being, by studying the functioning of the mind (i.e. the conscious and the subconscious), the emotions and the bod - a mysterious and captivating world to which I decided to dedicate my life as I began to understand my mission.


With a background in Social Communication, Neuro-Linguistic Programming (NLP), Coaching and Hypnotherapy, my interests also extend to the areas of Psychology, Quantum Physics, and the Holistic approach. Over the years, the focus of my research has been the dissatisfaction that people have with themselves, their limiting self- belief and the way they respond differently to similar situations in life.


After an extraordinary journey of searching, I further advanced my knowledge and developed skills which enabled me to make significant and lasting changes. Today I can relate to others; I dedicate myself to my mission. I see life in a different way and looking back I can see a significant change that I never thought would be possible.


Every day I try to be a better version of myself and I continue to broaden my horizons in a constant search for personal and professional growth. My greatest satisfaction is being able to help people through sharing my experiences, so that they can shorten their learning curve. For this, I work with individual sessions, using the tools and approaches that have contributed to my own transformation, which I believe provide real possibilities for positive change in people's lives. In addition, I give lectures and workshops.