"The real voyage of discovery consists not in seeking new

landscapes, but in having new eyes." - Marcel Proust

Hypnotherapy is a natural and effective method that can help you to improve your life.

A 360 degree journey that will bring inspiration to your life. Do you want to rewrite your story ?


Make positive changes by gaining clarity, focus and increasing your motivation through coaching.

No matter where you are on your life path, the choices you made in the past or your current circumstances, now is the right time to start or start over. 

Begin to fully appreciate life, to believe that you can have the things you want, to believe that you are capable of, to ask for the help you need, to take risks (even small ones), to be treated the way you would like; making the changes you've always dreamed of, overcoming imaginary boundaries, living with people who support you and making  new choices.  Now is the perfect time to start the project you left in the drawer, to reinvent yourself, to get rid of what no longer serves you; to break free of habits, behaviours and patterns that limit you and prevent you from living fully. 


I know that it seems extremely difficult to make changes, to follow a path to transformation, overcoming and accomplishment.  It's like it's never the right time. Maybe tomorrow, next month, next year. It may seem impossible; but in fact, once you take the first step, you will realize that the road for transformation was not that arduous after all and it will be rewarding to see the results and to feel more motivated and lively.

Sometimes you might think that it is easier for other people. You may wonder if they are better prepared, they have the perfect partner, the perfect job, the perfect family, they are lucky; or if they are brave and happy all the time. However, is not like that.  


Each of us has our own struggles, pains, traumas, insecurities as well as our own talents, abilities and joys. We are unique and it is by exploring this uniqueness that we can connect with the beauty, love, gifts and power within us to overcome our traumas and limiting beliefs and move toward our goals, aspirations and meaningful lives.


If you got here you have already taken the first step!


I really enjoyed Marlí's work. She was friendly and direct. She made me feel comfortable
from the beginning. I was pleased with the results and I recommend Marli to everyone
who wants to make important changes in their lives !!!

- Rossella V,



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